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Elders welcome special guests to monthly luncheon

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With a Valentine’s Day theme – and on the day of President Trump’s inauguration – elders gathered for some fun time together at the House of Respect Elders Center on Jan. 20. In attendance were some special visitors from the MHA Nation of North Dakota (Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara) being hosted by Puyallup Chairman Bill Sterud: Vice-Chairman Randy Phelan (Mandaree Segment), Executive Secretary Fred Fox (White Shield Segment), Legal/Lead Attorney Caleb Dog Eagle and Vice-Chair assistant Stephani Baker.
Chairman Sterud opened the luncheon with a welcome to everyone and he had just one thing to say about the inauguration that day. “I will say, rest assured that the Tribal Council is watching his every step, his every appointment, his every bill – we’re on it,” he told the crowd, which responded with applause.
Before lunch was served, Randy Phelan addressed the crowd. “Thank you for this great hospitality,” he said. “It’s good to see a large group of you elders – and different to see a bunch of Seahawks fans. But it’s all in good fun and I’m really glad you guys treat your elders well and Council, I commend you for that.”
He then gave the blessing in his own language, asking everyone to pray in their own way as well.
After the meal, an entertaining game of Pictionary was held with volunteers from among the elders. Those who stepped forward to take on the challenge were rewarded with a bouquet of fresh roses and a Seahawks pail full of goodies.

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