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Spaceworks gallery displays work by Native American artists

Spaceworks Gallery, a relatively new enterprise, is showing an exhibit of work by local Native American artists representing a diversity of tribal affiliations. Entitled “Protect the Sacred: Artists for Standing Rock,” all of the work is in one way or another addressing the attempt to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from passing through lands deemed sacred by the Standing Rock Sioux. An alliance of Native Americans, environmentalists, veterans and others have been bravely resisting the pipeline company's attempt to ram the oil pipeline through, despite objections by several Sioux tribes among others. Calling themselves “water protectors,” the people that are putting themselves in the way of the project assert that they are protecting the waters of the Missouri River, as such pipelines have a record of leaking oil and contaminating… Read Full Story

Mumps Outbreak in Pierce County

Community Health Nursing
Puyallup Tribal Health Authority

The Public Health Department has confirmed numerous cases of mumps in Pierce and King County.

What Is Mumps?

Mumps is a highly contagious viral illness. An infected person can spread it through face-to-face contact by coughing, sneezing, or even spraying saliva while talking. It can also spread by shared cups and eating utensils.

What Are the Symptoms?

  • Puffy cheeks and swollen jaw
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle Aches
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of Appetite

Mumps… Read Full Story


Inspiration can be defined in many ways – an action or influence. It can also be described as an activity, a person, or divine intervention, or writings.
I was truly inspired watching my daughter’s last basketball game. It caused me to pause and think of now it is her last year in high school and the last of my children to graduate.
What, as a parent, could I do to help inspire my daughter and what were her wants and needs? What is her futuristic outlook on life? Was it college, employment? What kind of job or higher education… Read Full Story

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Big hoop gains for Chief Leschi

On paper, it appeared as though the Chief Leschi boys' basketball team should probably come out victorious from their meeting with South Bend on Tuesday, Dec. 13, underneath the Warriors' home roof. One problem with this sort of observation would be Chief Leschi's track record in recent years, when…

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman calls for water protectors to return home 
Published in the Puyallup Tribal News

CANNON BALL, N.D. – The following letter is from Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman, Dave Archambault II: I know we have prayed and continue to do so. Now you must believe in your prayer. Energy Transfer Partners cannot cross the easement, even if they drill. Not only will they will jeopardize…

The importance of a child’s weight and long-term health
Published in the Puyallup Tribal News

Our children are our future. Sadly, the rate of childhood obesity is rising, especially for Native American populations. Recent studies show that up to 40% of Native children aged 2 to 4 years old are obese. While this alone may not be scary, the long-term effects are. In addition to prolonged problems…

Increase in Mumps Cases in South King County
Published in the Puyallup Tribal News

The Seattle-King County Public Health Department has confirmed several mumps cases and are investigating several more suspected cases, most within the Auburn School District.   The majority of these cases have occurred in individuals who have been fully immunized.  Some people who receive…

Tribal members discuss police accountability at public forum

Puyallup elder Ramona Bennett was invited to be part of a speakers’ panel on Dec. 1 in Seattle at a public forum titled “The Meaning of Trump’s Victory – and What’s Next.” Hosted by the Freedom Socialist Party and Seattle Radical Women at New Freeway Hall in Columbia City, the panel included…

Planning Ahead - Health Care during the Holidays
Published in the Puyallup Tribal News

With the upcoming Holiday Closures and possible weather closures, PTHA wants to remind patients to plan ahead. It’s important to take care of your health care needs early and not wait to refill prescriptions, see the doctor, etc. If you’re not sure if PTHA is open, please call (253) 593-0232 and…

Eat Smarter During the Holidays
By Lezly Hughes, PTHA Nutritionist

On average, most of us gain weight during November & December, food is everywhere, potlucks, holiday events, scrumptious foods, it’s no wonder the temptation to over eat is high.  Not to mention the stress and lack of sleep that may come with the holiday seasons, all of which are triggers…

A Community Dialog
Published in the Puyallup Tribal News

Our families, as many others, are still in deep mourning over our loss, and the loss of the other tribal members and their families. So in the spirit of tradition, we would like to share with you the knowledge that hardship brings forth adversity. We stand as a symbol to those forces that have separated…

Honoring Our Elders: Noni Olsen
Published in the Puyallup Tribal News

A true hometown girl, Noni Olsen was born on Oct. 13, 1949 in the old Cushman Hospital and never left Tacoma. She has lots of fond memories of growing up on the Puyallup reservation with her dad Andrew Anderson and mom Susan Emily Anderson, five brothers and one sister. “She’s always been a great…

Congratulations Seahawks Ticket Winners
Published in the Puyallup Tribal News

An awesome time was had at the Puyallup Tribe of Indians suite at Century Link Field during the Nov. 20 Seahawks game against the Philadelphia Eagles. All raffle winners for upcoming games will be contacted by mail and provided phone number.